The Imo State Association of Massachusetts (ISAM) Celebrates Imo State (Nigeria) Culture July 18, 2015

Join the Imo State Association of Massachusetts (a Nigerian-American community group) at its Annual Imo Day Celebration on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at the Trinity Episcopal Church Grounds, 1 Blue Hill Avenue, Canton, Massachusetts 02021.

This family-friendly all-day event is free to the public. Come and experience this unique cultural extravaganza that includes refreshments, artistic creations, dancing, singing, fashion show, and masquerades. </p><blockquote>"America the beautiful! Nigerian-Americans of Imo State heritage wish to showcase the best of the community to others through this annual cultural celebration." Chief Tony Nosike, President ISAM</blockquote><p>Imo State, with estimated population of 4.8 million, is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. The State lies in the south eastern region of Nigeria. Owerri (the largest city) is its capital followed by two additional leading cities, Okigwe and Orlu. Imo state, led by The Honorable Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha, is rich in resources including crude oil, natural gas, lead, limestone, and zinc. Leading industries in the state include pharmaceutical manufacturing, galvanized iron sheet manufacturing, palm oil processing, motorcycle & bicycle assembly plants, rock quarry plants, and tourism. Nigeria’s population of 180 million people is the eight largest in the world and with GDP estimated at US$ 502 billion is the leading economy in Africa. Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and one of the world's leading exporters of LNG. <strong>About ISAM:</strong> The Imo State Association of Massachusetts (ISAM) is an umbrella organization of all Imo State Nigerian-Americans residing in Massachusetts. We believe in honest means of livelihood, cooperation, unity and fair play, in all matters of common interest. We constitute ourselves into this association for the purposes of pursuing and achieving common purpose and economic well-being of our members and that of all descendants of Imo state. Please like us on our Facebook page Contact: Dr. Godwin Ariguzo, PRO at or the President Tony Nosike at


Boston, MA,
United States


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